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Crunchyroll Jewelry Collection

Rage Shield pendant

Rage Shield pendant

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

Originally an open minded person, Naofumi becomes cynical and distrustful of others due to being looked down by his fellow heroes, subjected to religious prejudice from citizens, and being robbed and falsely accused by Malty. It is only after Raphtalia defended him and proclaimed her loyalty that Naofumi began to slowly open up to those around him and realizing his mistakes. 

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has crafted this pendant by starting with official studio schematics.  For the silver, we coat the entire pendant in a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements. The black version is sterling silver with a tarnishing process called liver of sulfur.

The Rage shield is paired with a 20 inch braided leather cord with sterling silver end-caps and lobster lock.

The center of the shield is finished with a lab-created ruby.

Packaging: Black Paper Box

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